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Photo Gallery

Bowling Tournament on 11-10-2019
How to Work, Live and Migrate to the USA 28-07-2019
ICAI Blood Donation Camp 30-05-2019
About 5 G The Foundation For The 4th Industrial Revolution on 25-05-2019
AGM and PE simplified 04-05-2019
Cricket Tournament 9-3-2019
How to be an Entrepreneur 17-02-2019
Indian Economy, A 360 degree perspective on 15.12.2018
Simplifying Health 05-05-2018
ICAI Kuwait Annual Family Day Event at Regency Hotel on 28-11-2014
CPE Treasury Management on 28-09-2014
CPE Global Dynamics by Dr. Seetharaman on 22-05-2014
ICAI Kuwait Chapter 8th Annual Day on 07-05-2014
Oil, INR and Jobs : Which will five in first? on 29-09-2018