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Dear Professional Colleagues,

It is my pleasure to lead ICAI Kuwait Chapter for the year 2018-19 as the Chairman. I am grateful to CA. Ritu Sharma, the outgoing Chairperson and all my predecessors who have laid a strong foundation and bringing our Chapter to the stage where it is today. I also take this opportunity to thank all our members for their support rendered to the Chapter in the past years.

Indian Chartered Accountants began their professional journey in 1949 following a definitive and well established system of knowledge, and over the years, their acquired knowledge has humbled them, adding to their wisdom further. This year our Institute will step into 70th year, i.e. Platinum Jubilee year, of its glorious existence and I extend my best wishes to all stakeholders of profession.

Our Chapter’s Mission is to uphold The Indian Chartered Accountancy Profession in Kuwait as trustee of high quality financial competencies, good governance and competitiveness in fast changing business world.

To achieve this we recognize the need for professional development in changing global and Kuwait Economy through facilitating continuous learning. Along with this networking amongst members, sports and socio-cultural activities also plays an important role.

For our events to be successful we would require the whole hearted participation of our members. I also request our members to work with us shoulder-to-shoulder to achieve our aims and to maintain the growth momentum. A lot has been done over the years and a lot needs to be done to enhance the image of the profession.

I congratulate my colleagues CA. Sai Devata on being elected as the Vice-Chairman, CA. Kaizar Shakir as the Secretary and CA. Deepak Bindal as the Treasurer for the year 2018-19. To support us we have an exceptional team in the Executive Committee to run our Chapter. I am sure that I along with my team will be able to deliver and exceed your expectations in the upcoming term.

Let us work together for excellence.

Best wishes.

CA. Noel Joe Cherian


ICAI Kuwait Chapter